I ~ FOREWORD: We are the Jews and Gypsies of the New Holocaust

The last time Western civilization denied millions of its own citizens a legal place to go to the bathroom, sit or lie down, they were being loaded onto cattle cars, bound for the killing camps of the Nazi regime.


Germany’s general population, having been assured by the new mass media of the day that the victims were in a litany of ways to blame for their own fate, did nothing as their friends and neighbors disappeared.



When asked in interviews after the fact by horrified reporters how it could have possibly been allowed to go on, the overwhelmingly common response was that they hadn’t really noticed, hadn’t really thought about it much.

There were six million of them ~ a little less than 10% of their population.

The US Census Bureau estimates America’s current homeless population at 650,000 individuals ~ but this same fact-gathering body also estimates our child homelessness alone at 1.5 million annually.

We also cease to account a citizen as unemployed as soon as he or she drops from eligibility for unemployment benefits ~ our percentage of unemployed citizens being, therefore, also staggeringly higher than the official statistic.

Public statisticians would have you believe that homelessness in America is on the decline.   yours foolie can tell you, however, through her two years’ experience in living among them, that our homeless population is actually many times the official number, and is growing by leaps and bounds.


Why, hadn’t you noticed?…


The victims of the first Holocaust were hidden away from society by their oppressors.


We are made to hide ourselves.


Even the sources of disinformation do admit this much:

50% of our population (150 million American people) live month-to-month, and so ~ in the event of any serious illness or job loss~ 30 days from the street.


Think about it.





With Deepest Gratitude…

This work is dedicated to Don Swall who has, for so many, the habit of being there when no one else is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .

How to Read This Book:

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 What You Will Find:

  • I ~ CATASTROPHE: First-person view of the sidewalk
  • II ~ CONTENTMENT: What’s “natural” to human beings?
  • III ~ COMMITMENT: What have our great minds said about it?
  • IV ~ CONTROL: Short term personal and municipal solutions.
  • V ~ CONTINUANCE: Longer term societal solutions.



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