Who’s Reading This, Anyway?

… And why?


Some ~ not many ~ homeless are readers

Some of those will read these pages.

They will be doing so because they’ve already been plunged into the piranha pools at the bottom of our societal food chain, found themselves in way over their heads, and sustained sufficient damage to reach out for information which will help make any moment of any day or night a little less lonely, painful, humiliating, scary and generally awful.


shallow reader


Other readers

Fortunately, again not in the majority …

… will have heard that one of the untouchables actually possesses a sort of freakish coherency in describing conditions in her morbidly fascinating realm……that reading these words will assist in confirming to themselves that they have indeed been right, wise, industrious, appropriately self-sacrificing and adult in accepting the spiraling levels of employer and landlord generated compromise and indignity associated with the maintenance of their “secure” positions.

In point of fact, statistically, more than one out of every two of these readers ~ in the event of any change in health, employment or household composition (merely the last of which will statistically indeed occur to, again, more than half, in the form of divorce alone) ~ is a mere 30 days from complete collapse.

This type of reader, however, is not noted for general awareness of societal conditions.

They will shudder deliciously at the sexily sinister scenarios awaiting any who imagine they can bypass the daily round through which they themselves so maturely plod.



… will read from higher motivations:

Broad inquiry upon a world of fascinating diversity…

                                                                                                                                                                        Compassionate desire to walk a mile or two in the beat -up moccasins of those less fortunate…

A fair inner acknowledgement of stastics like those in the foregoing paragraph and a healthy urge to prepare insofar as possible for their potential personal impact…

The desire to use the information to do as much good as one person can possibly do in a time of rising hysteria and hatred…

These are the readers who can make a real difference in the way things are, and in the way they are fast becoming.


Cleaver family


Unfortunately for that hope

… such a reader will usually have been nurtured in a household in which reason ruled.

 This household is statistically likely to have been situated sufficiently high on the scale of income variances to permit of discretionary funding, time, energy and education for the support, encouragement and enablement of practices of curiosity, personal development and cultural participation.

While intellectually this reader understands that the conditions under which he or she was raised become less common as one leaves the comparatively rarefied neighborhoods of the relatively fortunate, they’re unequipped to have more than a small suspicion of the unrelentingly negative conditions presently prevalent both within and without the average lower class home

To them it is, quite understandably, something of a mystery that anyone would conduct themselves in a fashion so clearly harmful to self and all as to mandate their imprisonment for the greater good.




That’s because …

The reader himself or herself will have either enjoyed prompt, cheerful and competent service from support personnel to the relatively lofty trajectory which constitutes their only experience of life, or they have complained.

This complaint could in most cases be counted on to bring an even more broadly smiling supervisor to restore their assurance that the customer is always right.

Afterward this supervisor will take their subordinate sternly to task, with the spoken or unspoken attendant threat of having the pennies an hour over slave wage meted out to those considered capable of returning actually correct answers to the shortlist of simple questions common in their particular trade removed from their paychecks, and they themselves removed from realms of sensibility and sent to serve at the unpalatably decayed counters of those who are free of even such basic expectation from their employers.

As you will see on the following pages, these are the individuals who currently service the poor.




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