Nor was medical insurance necessary

Currently favored images of Bwana Doctor coming to the rescue of ignorant savage populations largely composed of diseased children and festering sores come from times after those populations have been degraded by the presence of their civilized counterparts’ venereal and epidemic diseases, not before.



Interesting historical aside

A favored technique of Caucasian interests both military and civilian cleared populations of natives from coveted parcels of what is now United States’ and Canadian land was the bestowal of lovely, warm, soft, smallpox-infested blankets in spurious peace ceremonies, or simply the discarding thereof just upstream from a village…




Before we arrived

while the occasional group illness occurred

… it did so, like other natural disasters ~ as we have glimpsed ~ much less frequently and less destructively than we have come to expect.

In these cases, fresh air, sunshine, sufficient but not excessive exercise, plentiful and nourishing food moderately partaken of, emotional security and a reigning standard of mental stability, fair play, individual value and final forgiveness (who would want to continue feeling bad when they could feel good again?) erected barriers to infection and promoted healing.

We in our ‘enlightened’ age are just beginning to discover not only how effective, but under more circumstances than not, how much more effective than many of our prescription drugs the herbal and energy-oriented techniques utilized by “primitive” civilizations across the globe to deal with their greatly reduced total of remaining ailments really were ~ and are.

Back in our representative Earth-centered societywe find that while happy enough to avail him or herself of, say, a faster-acting burn cream than their own, the average resident will actually choose to die (which many Kikuyu can ~ at will, quietly and with relatively little trauma ~ in a few days’ time) before allowing themselves to be taken to a western-style hospital.










Even our own scientists know by now

that a daily sleep cycle of less than eight hours shortens the human lifespan by an average of ten years.

                                                                                                                                                                          No one has yet measured the toll taken on workers who are not allowed the simple right to sit down and relax when they are tired.

When our maker of chains is feeling fatigued, he does just that. When his energy is good, he satisfies a natural urge for productive and recreative activity.

As it is written in the Tao de Ching, “From true inactivity, activity arises.”

As we have seen elsewhere in these pages, modern-day habitual television watching is something to the inner spirit quite other than true inactivity which, to point out just one discrepancy, as we have been reminded In this very chapter, must be peaceful in nature to be worthy of the name.



The product turned out by such a practitioner

equals or exceeds factory generated quality in every regard.

Take – a – moment – to – learn – about – Kikuyu – chainmakers – before – you – insult – this – claimant – with – your – doubts – and – negativity.

Damn, that shit’s gonna get you busted up out here…







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