We Are the Jews and Gypsies of the New Holocaust

The last time Western civilization denied millions of its own citizens a legal place to go to the bathroom, sit or lie down …


… they were being loaded onto cattle cars on their way to the killing camps of the Nazi regime.



Germany’s general population, having been assured by the new mass media of the day that the victims were in a litany of ways to blame for their own fate, did nothing as their friends and neighbors disappeared.


When asked in interviews after the fact by horrified reporters how it could have possibly been allowed to go on, the overwhelmingly common response was that they hadn’t really noticed, hadn’t really thought about it much.

There were six million of them.

There are fifty million of us.

Why, hadn’t you noticed?…

Think about it.




With Deepest Gratitude…

The series “The New Holocaust: Homelessness in America and What We Can Do About It” is dedicated to Don Swall, who for so many has the habit of being there when no one else is.
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