There’s so much more which could ~ and should ~ be said on behalf of the homeless …


… but yours foolie is tired.


She would like to die.


That’s illegal, though…

… so she’ll just go find a place to hide

(if there’s one left)

until some “brother” finds her.

She’d even wish for it if she could be sure he’d have the consideration to kill her cleanly afterward.

But she can’t be sure of that, not at all …

So when it happens, she like all the others will  limp away, convulsed in most kinds of misery there are, all at the same time, to find another.

       Remember this  the next time you see her ragged, bent, underfed, overworked, overdressed,

              unclean, broken, despairing form going by you, and try to have a little genuine compassion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .

That’s all she’s been trying to say…





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