Simple.  Simple.  Simple.




yours foolie has written this series in public places

People come to her with their stories

In conversation with them, she has noticed that word definitions are treated among us as carelessly as we increasingly treat that which is of real value as we bypass it for the nebulous promises which more money and possessions are supposed to bring us in the way of happiness.

Take the word “sociopath”, for example.

Do you know the meaning of that word?

Most people think it means the same thing as “psychotic”.

Presently our culture has a morbid fascination with psychosis.  It drives the plots of nine out of ten shows available on our wonderful, hypnotic television sets.







About that fascination

by the way

Remember, we create what we look for.




But in the case of psychosis

The laws of science go still further

In biological terms, the human being belongs to the family of great apes.

In the wild, young apes observe their elders courting, grooming, cuddling and copulating ~ occasionally at hamperingly close range.

An ape raised in “captivity” (read: the cages in which we in the modern day so love to put our fellow creatures that we ~ all the while pointing accusing fingers at “repressive regimes” all across the planet ~ imprison more of our fellows in one single state of our union than any other nation on its surface) is unable to make these observations.

An interesting thing happens:

On reaching adulthood, that ape has no idea how to go about any of it.

That ape dies without issue.




Now let’s look at our television and movie rating systems

It’s considered morally acceptable for our children to watch a thousand murders a year

(that’s three a day, people)                                                              murder

in the name of entertainment.




In addition

to 18,000 murders before high school graduation

they are also allowed to watch:

  • ordinary-appearing twisted domestic terrorists stalking the streets of towns looking suspiciously like their very own.
  • people lying to one another (that’s funny stuff)
  • people fighting one on one (Monday night wrestling is the country’s number one show)
  • people fighting in gangs
  • people fighting in armies
  • men beating on women
  • men raping women
  • people torturing one another
  • people behaving hatefully toward one another (soap operas)

But they are not allowed to watch people happily loving one another.

That would be immoral.sacred kiss

yours foolie cannot bring herself to apologize that this seems backward to her.

And here’s the proof of the pudding:


… How many currently consistently happy relationships do you know of? …




The proof holds true planet wide

Recent research proves…

                                                naked woman statue wood louvre

that in a culture in which true freedom of speech is practiced (just try yelling out anything in public in our own “free” country and see what it gets you), the sex crime rate is lower than in those countries in which it is not.

When you add the acceptance of public nudity, as on European beaches, where women think nothing of changing their shirt without hiding themselves carefully for the purpose ~ that crime rate drops again.

Exploring further, we find that when prostitution is legalized another significant drop occurs.

In those precious places in which it is acceptable to exchange love when it is good, without sacrificing the happiness of a life partnership (and, as has been seen elsewhere in these pages, our ‘monogomous’ wildlife almost without exception practices recreational as well as married sex) ~ we return to the natural condition of the hominid creature; the one described in this series’ first chapters.

Ladies and gentlemen, in places of that description ~ there is no sex crime.




White mice

are traditionally used in the laboratory experiments

to which we put many of our caged creatures.

(To these creatures, we look like the Nazis we are becoming.)

lab mice

We use white mice because in most ways they are astonishingly close to human beings in biological, psychological and social ways.

White mice do not indulge, however, in such practices as theft, harm-inducing fighting between the males (in the wild, the instant the defeated party signals submission, an altercation is terminated and habitual peace returns), partner abuse (a wild male animal does not behave aggressive toward a female), or other “unavoidable” human perversions of the natural order with which we have become complacent.

Until you imprison and overcrowd them.  Until you take away their basic needs while you own multiples of unnecessary objects.




Then they do all those things.

Just like us.



But that’s psychosis

The question we began with was: What is a sociopath?

Unlike the psychotic, who wants and needs to see you harmed, the sociopath just doesn’t care.

Walk by a sociopath on the sidewalk so sick you can barely stand, sadder than you’ve ever been in your life, hungry, cold and in absolute terror for your life ~ and they don’t feel a thing.  Certainly not enough of a thing to react in the tiniest outward way.

yours foolie has walked by tens of thousand people in just that way in the past eighteen months.

Tens of thousands of people who did not react.                                                     indifference

A few dozen who did.

She submits that our entire culture has become sociopathic.











So, how do we define the word ‘simple’?

The hydraulics alone involved in the workings of the simplest blade of grass rival mankind’s loftiest technological accomplishments.

Yet we think of a return to natural things as ‘simple’.

So yours foolie will use the word that way.

It’s a good descriptor of the life-effects to be enjoyed from such a return:


warm thought



“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.” – Thomas Jefferson







“That’s all very well for him to say, “

(pronounces our increasingly pressured negatively intended reader) “He inherited money!  What would he know about doing without it?”

yours foolie sympathizes with their need to justify the sociopathic position to which they have committed themselves with so very many selfish words and acts so very approved of by such a ring of very selfish friends.

So yes, let’s hear from a self-made man, shall we?


steve jobs


“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”
– Steve Jobs







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