What it’s Becoming


sleazy man


The list of potential predators roaming your new turf …

using varying methods which result in equally varying damages to your already traumatized body, mind and heart

… includes, but is not limited to, some or many of the folks in each of the following categories:

  • Brothers of the street
  • Sisters of same
  • Homeowners advertising rooms for rent
  • Apartment dwellers advertising rooms for rent
  • Fellow room renters
  • Men offering the use of hotel rooms they are “just leaving”
  • Persons of either sex, previously unknown to you, offering direct praise of anything about you
  • Persons of either sex previously unknown to you offering any “polite” standard/stock conversation-starter
  • The owner of any ground upon which you sit or overhang under which you find shelter
  • Those who offer sanctuary
  • Conservative wealthy
  • Panicked tv watchers
  • Panicked talk radio listeners
  • Parental hysterics
  • Health fanatics
  • People behind service counters
  • Charity workers
  • Merchant association goonies
  • Apartment housing unit associations (same)
  • Homeowner & neighborhood associations (see above two entries)
  • Private security
  • Corporate security
  • Public security
  • Police
  • Citizen surveillance
  • Corporate surveillance
  • Governmental surveillance
  • Military surveillance
  • Black ops
  • Anyone you’ve ever wronged
  • Anyone whom you have refused to wrong even though they just about got down on their knees and begged you to do it
  • Anyone you’ve ever said “no” to about anything, even if driven by desperation, and especially if you were in the right to do so.
  • Anyone jealous or covetous of anything about you.
  • Your former, best, last or only friend
  • People following you away from anywhere you start to anywhere you have to stop
  • The above goes double at any relief effort ~ places around which the predators congregate exactly like flies
  • Double this latter risk factor again for each one of the following: female, disabled, injured, malnourished or ill.
  • Any ordinary citizen in a bad mood


“Wait a minute,”you say, “that’s just about everybody!”…




After all…

… if you haven’t really been paying attention to what’s already been said here in these pages, then what’s about to be said in the pages following won’t make sense to you ~ just as if yours foolie were about to talk trigonometry to an infant.

That’s how trains of logic work, right? (Correct yours foolie if she’s wrong. Any takers?…

… No? We’ll go on then.) Ah, where were we?

Oh, yes: “Wait a minute: that’s just about everybody!”…

And just what is it you’re planning to follow that up with, eh?



“That’s got to be wrong!”?

Those are the kinds of responses, society-wide, which put “just about everybody” on that list of potential predators ~ and those are the kinds of responses which will in fact seal the deal on the very information you’re rejecting

Continuing to make that kind of response will get not ‘just about’ but everyone in your new world, without exception, watching and waiting to take advantage of the first moment you show signs of being weaker than they happen to be at that same moment.

“Wow, that’s just about everybody, all right. It’s a good thing there are (streetspeak: “there’s”) exceptions in every group!”

Better. That class of response will earn you a little more latitude.

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