No, You DON’T Know

What it’s Like

                                                 factory worker

                                                                                                 In the first place

that summer job which made you an ‘expert’ on modern laboring reality may well have occurred decades ago, and things are changing fast.

A decade ago, for instance, retirement wad still a reasonable expectation for millions of members of the laboring class who now with equal reasonability can look forward only to working until they drop in harness.

In the second place, what these summer visitors actually experienced was the treatment which actual denizens of the laboring realm ~ in this case both supervisors and coworkers ~ knew they had better extend, or find themselves progressing through a perhaps somewhat slower but in other respects quite similar ejection to that of our “trouble making” long-distance bus passenger.


geek at work                                                                                                                                 .

Their visitor is protected by the status quo

He or she will be given an only slightly more than reasonable workload under only marginally illegal conditions.

Complaints will be given ear and suggestions acknowledged before being forgotten.

They will not find themselves pressured to join with or bow to indwelling covert petty power lords, perform tasks outrageously outside the definition of anything they were actually hired to do, be given the choice of leaving a sick child home alone or losing the ability to support it, or made forcibly privy to the incredible viciousness with which heavy equipment can be coopted by light minds for the service of petty vengeance or jealousy



laborer                                                                                                                                               .

No, the theoretical workweek

which will truly enlighten our reader

to the actualities of daily life for his fellowman would have to actually be spent in the lifelong laborer’s own sweat-caked, sole-compacted shoes, while both receiving and radiating the impression that this week represents a carbon copy of every other week remaining for the remainder of his or her life.






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