Breaking Up Wasn’t Hard to Do

breaking up

                                                                                               Returning now

to our representative Kenyan culture for comparative contrast

We couch our consideration of lifestyle factors affecting potential psychosis in the adult population ~ as we did for modern civilization at the long-distance bus service counter ~ in the running of an errand.

We follow an ordinary citizen (there are no undesirable/untouchables here, and even the chief is only nominally more than ordinary, so this classification,




covers just about everybody) to the “store” for a length of fine jewelry chain.

Service centers in any society bearing a certain resemblance to one another, this one finds itself repeated with minor variations all over the ancient world: a couple of goat skins spread in the pleasant shade of a tree just outside the service person’s home.


cottage labor


Now, strange to say

…even though the object we seek is made of metal, no one has been made to sweat their lives away under horrific conditions to find or process it ~ for, without the modern focus upon brutalizing an environment into our own idea of what it should be, their milder and more flexible approach necessitates the use of so infinitely less metal that the required supply of raw ingots may be collected, by those in the know as to the locations of their deposits, in the course of a pleasant afternoon’s walk, afterward being brought back in baskets cleverly constructed for comfort in the carrying of moderately heavy loads.

Our service person is almost certainly married

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